Pro-Pharmaceuticals’ strategy is to commercialize a new generation of cancer drugs, upgrading their safety and efficacy over standard therapeutics. Key elements of our strategy are to:

• Focus on carbohydrate enhancement of chemotherapeutic agents
• Generate clinical data showing improved efficacy and/or lowered toxicity
• Pursue fast-track FDA regulatory approval for each drug we develop
• License our drugs via strategic partnerships or joint ventures

Drugs upgraded via our Glycoscience technology exhibit three major benefits:

REDUCED TOXICITY – In animal studies, our drug technology protected healthy cells from the drug-induced destruction normally associated with chemotherapy regimens.

IMPROVED DRUG EFFICACY – Ongoing research in animal trials suggest the Company’s glyco-upgrade drug technology may facilitate the delivery of chemotherapeutic agents to cancer cells.

SHORT TIME TO MARKET – Since the active agent in each drug is already FDA-approved, the Company anticipates reduced approval times for medications we develop.