Change Your Work Out For Weight Loss

Do you actually need to change your work out for weight loss? Let us find out actually work out and diets are two important key factors for any fat loss program. If you want to lose weight, you have to give equal importance to both…

In this article we will discuss, why should you change your workout for weight loss?

Once you are on a fat loss program, you start of with great enthusiasm, for a few weeks you see the result also. But after a while you might notice, you are on the same diet same workout routine and not losing weight. And you start wondering, what happened after all? The reason is, if you do the same thing over and over, you get the same results.

It is important that you change your work out for weight loss, if you want to reach your target weight. The reason is, it is the natural mechanism of our bodies to adjust to the changes. That is why you stop losing weight after a while, because your body has adjusted to the diet and workout routine by that time.

I am mentioning below three tips by which you can change your work out for your weight loss.

Increase intensity. For example if you are on strength training routine lifting 5 lbs, you can now increase it to 7 lbs. That way you do the similar number of reps but increased intensity.

Increase duration. If you are doing 20 reps start doing 25 or thirty. Some experts say increasing intensity is better than increasing duration, to which I personally agree. Because that also helped me, while I was on a weight loss program.

Change the workout. If you were running, start rope jumping or dancing. This has amazing results. First, it gives you the much needed change. Second, your body responds to this very quickly.