Get in the garden to improve well-being

Gardening is a fabulous past time and is very therapeutic to help over come problems such as depression, stress and anxiety. There are so many benefits to gardening which will all contribute to a person’s personal development and well being. Gardening is also very simple and can be easily taught providing great satisfaction when a person accomplishes growing a particular item.

First of all gardening is great exercise which is cheap to do and in the comfort of your own surroundings. People have often discounted gardening as physical exercise but it actually offers the same benefits as other exercise. In fact, 45 minutes of gardening can burn as many calories as a 30 minute aerobics class. Gardening also requires the use of a variety of different muscle groups, so your flexibility and strength can improve too.

The satisfaction of improving your environment and cultivating and growing a variety of beautiful plants and flowers and delicious fruit and vegetables can only provide a feel good factor for the person responsible for their existence.

Not only will a person be provided with a feel good factor for the accomplishments in creating a beautiful garden but they will also be rewarded with an array of nutritional food for themselves, family and friends. So in addition to exercise, gardening can help create a nutritious balanced diet. If so much hard work and effort has gone into growing these fruits and vegetables then a person will be more encouraged to eat them.

Many studies have been carried out on the benefits of gardening and the results have shown that gardening ultimately increases physical health, mental health through relaxation and satisfaction and also improves the nutritional intake that a person has.

The bounty of produce cultivated can also provide extra food for a family and this can be a huge stress reliever as it will save money on the house hold food shopping bill. Some of the excess produce may even be sold at a local farmers market.

Gardening will also keep the brain active and therefore help prevent memory loss and dementia if carried out in a person’s later years. It also helps with relaxation and can reduce stress and anxiety.