Get to know more about Propecia through several points!

With the growing age, Men tend to have the issue of baldness or thinning of the hair on their scalp. This is a matter of disappointment as their personality is not that attractive when they start losing their hair after the age of 50. The solution to this problem is the range of drugs that are commonly available in the market. It is better to use the most effective drug like Propecia, which is mainly for the hair loss on the vertex and the mid-scalp area. It is suggested by most of the doctors but is not allowed for the women and children.

People can easily buy it from the pharmacies or online using your credit card to avoid the online frauds. Let us know more things about the Propecia through points which are as follows:-

  1. Storage options

It is important to store the bottle of Propecia at the room temperature where there is no heat and is bright light then influence the bottle. It is important to keep the bottle closed and keep out of reach of children.

  1. Directions

Propecia must be taken on the prescription of the physician. It is important to take medicine according to the recommended period and the specific amount. Propecia is needed to be taken 1mg or 5mg with a glass of water. The duration of the medicine will be between three to four months and must be taken regularly to get an effective result. It can also have side effects if not taken properly or without the doctor’s prescription.

  1. Precautions

It is suggested to buy the original drug as sometimes when you get it online, there are chances that it is not original. Also, it must not be taken by women or children as the finasteride in the pills can penetrate the skin and can highly affect the health. If the contact happens, then, it is suggested to wash your skin with soap instantly.

  1. Side effects

Propecia has many undesirable side effects related to the sex drive of a man as it can cause erectile dysfunction or ejaculation disorder. It can also cause allergic reactions like rashes or swelling.

Propecia is the most effective medicine for the baldness in men after a specific age but is harmful to women and children. One must know all the possible side effects and the precautions before taking the Propecia.