Pro-Pharmaceuticals contracts independent organizations to conduct research, manufacturing and pre-clinical studies of our drug candidates.

We design products to enhance the delivery and effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs. Our scientific and clinical development is conducted via contracted outsourcing with accredited, well-established institutions. In this manner, we keep our headcount low and defer the need for both equipment purchases and research/development facilities. At the same time, it gives us access to comprehensive laboratory resources that regularly undertake a range of activities, such as those listed below.

For research, development, manufacturing and analytical services:
Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis
Moscow University and the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
Charles River Laboratories, Rockville, MD
Moravek Biochemicals, Brea, CA
CEDRA Corporation, Austin, Texas 78754 USA
PPD, Inc., Bioanalytical Laboratory Services, Middleton, WI
Antibioticos, Rodano, Italy

Pre-clinical, toxicological and pharmacological studies:
Charles River Laboratories, Wilmington, MA
Next Century, Newark, DE
Toxikon, Bedford, MA
Southern Research Institute, Birmingham, AL